Welcome to the Sunset Valley Legacy


Hi there and welcome to the blog!

I’ve created this blog to document the story of the McCormack Legacy in Sunset Valley. I’m also calling it the Sunset Valley Legacy because it will also document the change in the town as time goes on and the different generations pass through it.

The navigation bar at the top of the page will direct you to the various pages on this site. The About page will talk about the legacy itself and my reasons for playing it the way I am. The Gameplay Tips page will document the various tips and tricks for playing the Sims 3 mod-free. The Family gives an up to date list of the family members in the legacy. Disclaimer: The Family page DOES reveal spoilers, so if you’re reading and want to be surprised, don’t scroll too far! The Story will provide links to each chapter of the story in chronological order.

So sit tight and have a poke around!


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – 03


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Late in the spring, Aine gave birth to our second son, Cillian, shortly before Brendan was due to start school. We had a small birthday celebration for Brendan but for myelf and Aine, it was tinged with sadness; our first baby was going to start school.


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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun – 01


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Narration by Seamus McCormack

They say time flies when you’re having fun. I used to think people were crazy but in the dimming of my years, I see that they’re not. Time really does fly. As I sit with my Aine and watch the home movie I made years ago when she was teaching our eldest son, Brendan, to talk, I remember the good times.


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